Southern Cross Certified Organic 20109

“Every once in a while, you encounter an extraordinary patch of land, one that varies greatly from the surrounding landscape, one that is impossibly unique in so many ways, this is one such place.”

When you visit the farm, you get a real sense of the diversity and the many forces of life that are at play on and within this land. Two natural springs rise on the property, giving way to three unique soil profiles coupled with one of the highest elevations in the area. The farm is rich in biodiversity, we do not believe in monoculture production, we encourage diversity and regeneration within the land. Over half of the farm has been retained as natural bushland resulting in a habitat for a wide variety of insects, bird species and native wildlife.  The remaining land consists of plantings of fruit and nut trees, native trees and shrubs, areas for our cows, ducks, geese and chooks to roam and our growing vegetable garden.

Through many years of planting then working the vineyard and farm an innate connection to the land has formed, a respect for the land and just how much it gives became apparent. Chris’s planting of the vines on our farm has been done with thoughtfulness and sensitivity to the land, the diversity is such that there are five different plots of vines totaling a mere 15 acres, ensuring profoundly structured wine pulsating with energy from this carefully nurtured land.

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