Chris Davies


“My role is to thoughtfully and respectfully bring together the intricacies of this land and the vintage to produce wines genuinely expressive of the terroir.”

Chris is deeply rooted to this piece of land having begun farming it at the tender age of 19. He is committed to an organic and holistic farming model signified by Southern Cross Certified Organic 20109.

From inception he has nurtured the land and the vines. Unwilling to compromise the health of the land, the state of his treasured vines and ultimately the quality of the fruit, he has worked the vineyard completely on his own from day one. No stranger to hard physical labour he hand-prunes every single one of the vines himself, year after year. Apart from the very day the grapes are harvested no one else is ever allowed to touch his vines.

He produces wines of purity and complexity, expressive of, and deeply rooted to the land. It is an inimitable vision of a person who has focused their life’s work on a single vineyard. Only through viticultural focus and observation of the land and nature over decades can one truly understand and appreciate that complexity is achieved only with the mindful union of land, organic farming, soil, clone and minimal winemaking regime.

Joanne Davies

“Everything we do here, from the way that we nurture the land to the wines that we produce, is a representation of our belief systems and the way that we choose to live our lives. I think that there is an honesty in that which resonates with those who share similar values.”

Hailing from four generations of farmers there was no escaping the call of the land. An innate interest in regenerative farming practices stemming from her upbringing and a mindset of no limitations, means that Joanne is continually striving for improvement in all aspects of the business from a sustainability and regenerative point of view. Overseeing the branding, sales and cellar door operations whilst growing the majority of the vegetables for the family table, the focus is on sharing and educating guests to the farm.

Nicole Love & Dan McCall

We are so fortunate to have found a team that shares our beliefs and values. A team that values the time of every single person who walks through our doors and is willing to share their knowledge, Nicole is pivotal to the cellar door and accommodation experiences that we offer. Dan has been working on the farm in all aspects of the vineyard and winery for over 3 years. Having been raised on his families certified organic farm in Margaret River he brings a wealth of knowledge and ideas. 


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